May the best of…

May the best of our past, be the worst of our future.


Safari Holidays

Typically, being 20 I am expected to want to go to the likes of Ibiza, Magaluf or Kavos for a swift retreat from the formality and mundanity of the real world, but this is not so.

Typical Kavos formalities of printed T-Shirts ruin the natural female elegance in this picture.

A likely bunch of girls in what can only be described as cringy attire.

I, like potentially many others in their 20’s, am looking for more than a booze cruise. I do not criticise those a similar age to myself wanting to escape this country as I do not long to holiday domestically. I can understand the attraction of sun, sea and copious lashing of refreshing beverages to good music. However, this would have to be in a very secluded environment where I cannot be annoyed easily by the infuriating naivety of girls who ruin themselves and boys who embarrass themselves in front of the very same ruined girls.

I want to go somewhere so raw that being alone for miles is something you don’t notice. Somewhere that has the natural attraction to distract you from the powerful numbing of destructive thoughts that ruin our crammed subconscious in the real world. A place that has natural entertainment so thrilling you don’t need drugs or alcohol to enjoy it and certainly no need for sex to sell it. What is this place? A-F-R-I-C-A


I’m not going to rant about it being the birth place of humans, but I am going to explain what it is in my loins that crave to visit the infamously natural continent.

Since a young child, I have always understand my star sign Leo and believed it coincidentally does describe my character although I do not believe in astrology being something that outlines the future or your day. My accidental association with my star sign Leo has led me to develop a fascination with lions. A symbol of power, leadership and strength to me they have very much being something I would like to see in their natural habitat. I do not mean in a 20ft pen with plastic logs and all you can eat meat, thank you zoo keepers. I mean in their rawest form, where no human can interject by trying to stimulate the lion with footballs or puzzles.


I mean Africa, where if a lion is bored he sleeps. If a lion is hungry, he waits for the pack to return. He is not subjectively coerced to the wishes of an eager crowd that have travelled to see a lion eat meat dangling from a well placed hook. I want to see a Lion do what he does best, be lazy, greedy and aggressive.

Ultimately, the un-spoilt landscape of Africa’s plains attract me like a wasp to honey. Going on Safari is the newest addition to my bucket list and I plan to document the entire trip with volumes of photographs of everything soon so stay tuned. Thanks for reading.



Vauxhall Adam

Yes that’s right, Vauxhall have released a car called ‘Adam’. Possibly the car was called Adam to save you the trouble of having to conjure up your own quirky and unique name for the small-sized city-car.

Designed to be the steed on which busy motorists explore the urban streets with, the new Vauxhall Adam is certainly a perfect first car for new drivers. Available with a choice of three ecoFLEX petrol engines, Adam will become your best friend as he also features a range of ‘tech specs’ that are typically featured in ‘premium’ cars. With little detail available on the internet, an illusive persona has been created about the youngster due to hit the market in January 2013.

Most Expensive Cars In The World

To the likes of Elon Musk, Warren Buffet and Carlos Slim these cars are normally priced. However, to me and you, these are the pedigree of the wallet-imploding dream machines we are all going to now day-dream over. Day-dream of ‘rolling’ up in these gorgeous symbols of power all nonchalant to an expensive club in a suit so fine they make Frank Sinatra look like a hobo.

Anyway, here we go, I hope you are ready.

10. Ascari A10

English made super-car with a more famous roar than a lion (well, to car fans).
Cost – $650,000 or £417,979.551

9. SSC Ultimate Aero

3rd Fastest road legal car comes to you at a fairly cool price. Only 25 of the models will ever be produced so snap them up as quick as possible.
Cost – $654,000 or £420,551.733

8. Pagani Zonda C12 F

Italian made super-car with a rocket like exhaust, who could resist?
Cost – $667,321 or £429,117.742

7. Ferrari Enzo

A car that i’ve always thought looks like those friendly whales that only eat plankton. That’s because of the open mouth (front air scoops). Although that may not be the most clever thing I have ever said, you do understand what I mean.
Cost – $670,000 or £430,840.46

6. McLaren F1

A V12 rear wheel driven super-car that can achieve eye-poppingly fast speeds. 0-60mph in3.2 seconds. That’s from now to >>>>>>>>>>>> now. Fast!

Cost – $970,000 or £623,754.099

5. Zenvo ST1

Actually quite a gorgeous looking car from what is a fairly unknown brand of designer. The Zenvo ST1 carries a 7.0 litre supercharged V8 engine which generates 1104 bhp, worth it’s money? I’d say so, because being seeing in something that no one has seen is unseen. Sorry.
Cost – $1,225,000 or £787,730.693

4. Maybach Landaulet

Maybach are the crusaders of intense levels of luxury and are always painfully expensive. However, this does not stop them from being the pinnacle of extreme cars with their unique model called the Landaulet. A 6000lb luxury car capable of a laughable 13 miles per gallon of petrol.
Cost – $1,380,000 or £887,402.739

3. Koenigsegg Agera R

Koenigsegg have to be in the top three of my favourite car manufacturers and as for my favourite model, it would easily be the Agera R. I’m very glad I get to write about this car because I love it. 1140bhp super-lightweight beauty that is the personification of modern, the Agera R delivers unprecedented power through a 5.0L V8 engine and is glued to the track with an autonomous dynamic rear wing.
Cost – $1,600,000 or £1,028,872.74

2. Aston Martin One-77

An impressively rare Aston Martin which alone saying an Aston Martin in rare must make it expensive. I said that because they are seen everywhere, well the DB7 is anyway.
Cost – $1,850,000 or £1,189,634.11

1. Bugatti Veyron Super Sports

The most well-known ‘expensive’ car in the world, I think…
At first Bugatti were actually making a loss on the manufacturing of the car but as popularity grew and changes to manufacturing were made, the Bugatti group are well on their way to being a market premium competing with the likes of Ferrari. However, I would personally say that Ferrari and Bugatti are in different markets but technically they are not.
Cost $2,400,000 or £1,543,309.11

Elon Musk – Rockets, Electric Cars and PayPal

As of reading small portions of Richard Branson’s book ‘Like a Virgin’, he is now demoted from being my official ‘Idol’. However, before I reveal to you my new idol I’d like to explain to you what an idol means to me. An idol to me, is someone who I literally want to be like and is an inspirational force for good in my life. I often try to shape my life upon the lives of others and this does not go well. Alternatively, from reading about my idols, I find that I can relate to their struggles in life (not saying i’m anything special), just that sometimes I too find myself frustrated and wanting to do more; take on more, read more, learn more and most importantly do it on my own. An idol is someone who sets out the framework and protocols for how I should be shaping myself and someone, that helps me to understand the character you need to be within the world to win.

After much-ado about a personal definition of an idol, I can now reveal to you that my new idol is Elon Musk. South African born founder of PayPal, SpaceX and CEO of Tesla motors. ‘At the age of 10 Elon bought his first computer and taught himself programming’ according to an online source. Ok, so he was 10 and taught himself programming, see why I’m impressed with him? He also created his own video game called ‘Blastar’ and sold it for $500 at the same age. His net worth of $2bn in 2012 sets him well within the rich and powerful rankings of the modern business-world. Overall, I offer my seldom given ‘Kudos’ to Elon Musk, clearly an exceptionally intelligent and driven 41-year-old.

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What I did this morning…

Today has been a good day so far, in terms of not waking up and feeling deathly tired and most importantly I slept insanely well. I woke up with the remnants of a dream I had last night and well to be honest, it must have been a good dream because I am feeling happy.

Now ticked off the checklist for today is ‘wave sister goodbye to France’. That was a weird experience, my little sister’s first time properly away from parents going into the big wide world. She’ll be fine I tell myself as I choke on my words, remembering her sheer naivity and blissful ignorance to dangers, present and hiding.

Anyway thats my morning, coffee, a Tesco meal deal and my favourite shirt.

Hope everyone is enjoying their day!