Safari Holidays

Typically, being 20 I am expected to want to go to the likes of Ibiza, Magaluf or Kavos for a swift retreat from the formality and mundanity of the real world, but this is not so.

Typical Kavos formalities of printed T-Shirts ruin the natural female elegance in this picture.

A likely bunch of girls in what can only be described as cringy attire.

I, like potentially many others in their 20’s, am looking for more than a booze cruise. I do not criticise those a similar age to myself wanting to escape this country as I do not long to holiday domestically. I can understand the attraction of sun, sea and copious lashing of refreshing beverages to good music. However, this would have to be in a very secluded environment where I cannot be annoyed easily by the infuriating naivety of girls who ruin themselves and boys who embarrass themselves in front of the very same ruined girls.

I want to go somewhere so raw that being alone for miles is something you don’t notice. Somewhere that has the natural attraction to distract you from the powerful numbing of destructive thoughts that ruin our crammed subconscious in the real world. A place that has natural entertainment so thrilling you don’t need drugs or alcohol to enjoy it and certainly no need for sex to sell it. What is this place? A-F-R-I-C-A


I’m not going to rant about it being the birth place of humans, but I am going to explain what it is in my loins that crave to visit the infamously natural continent.

Since a young child, I have always understand my star sign Leo and believed it coincidentally does describe my character although I do not believe in astrology being something that outlines the future or your day. My accidental association with my star sign Leo has led me to develop a fascination with lions. A symbol of power, leadership and strength to me they have very much being something I would like to see in their natural habitat. I do not mean in a 20ft pen with plastic logs and all you can eat meat, thank you zoo keepers. I mean in their rawest form, where no human can interject by trying to stimulate the lion with footballs or puzzles.


I mean Africa, where if a lion is bored he sleeps. If a lion is hungry, he waits for the pack to return. He is not subjectively coerced to the wishes of an eager crowd that have travelled to see a lion eat meat dangling from a well placed hook. I want to see a Lion do what he does best, be lazy, greedy and aggressive.

Ultimately, the un-spoilt landscape of Africa’s plains attract me like a wasp to honey. Going on Safari is the newest addition to my bucket list and I plan to document the entire trip with volumes of photographs of everything soon so stay tuned. Thanks for reading.




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