Elon Musk – Rockets, Electric Cars and PayPal

As of reading small portions of Richard Branson’s book ‘Like a Virgin’, he is now demoted from being my official ‘Idol’. However, before I reveal to you my new idol I’d like to explain to you what an idol means to me. An idol to me, is someone who I literally want to be like and is an inspirational force for good in my life. I often try to shape my life upon the lives of others and this does not go well. Alternatively, from reading about my idols, I find that I can relate to their struggles in life (not saying i’m anything special), just that sometimes I too find myself frustrated and wanting to do more; take on more, read more, learn more and most importantly do it on my own. An idol is someone who sets out the framework and protocols for how I should be shaping myself and someone, that helps me to understand the character you need to be within the world to win.

After much-ado about a personal definition of an idol, I can now reveal to you that my new idol is Elon Musk. South African born founder of PayPal, SpaceX and CEO of Tesla motors. ‘At the age of 10 Elon bought his first computer and taught himself programming’ according to an online source. Ok, so he was 10 and taught himself programming, see why I’m impressed with him? He also created his own video game called ‘Blastar’ and sold it for $500 at the same age. His net worth of $2bn in 2012 sets him well within the rich and powerful rankings of the modern business-world. Overall, I offer my seldom given ‘Kudos’ to Elon Musk, clearly an exceptionally intelligent and driven 41-year-old.


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