Goodbye to the London Taxi?

News of Nissan’s new NV200 has pulled the taxi monopoly from underneath the traditional London black cab wheels and has instilled excitement into those after a much more comfortable and luxurious taxi ride. The new NV200 looks more or less like a black cab, so how can it compete.

The simple answer is that it has no need to compete, in terms of gadgets and features it is already the gold medalist. For those that wear their phone battery down to the minimum running risk of being out of contact, the NV200 has USB slots to charge it right back up to health. For the fearful folk of inner-city germs, be thankful for the NV200 comes with anti-bacterial material inside and is sure to keep you encapsulated in a hub of cleanness. Designed to be a ride with all the ‘home-comforts’ you’ll ever need, the NV200 sounds like it has already crossed the finish line. But, can it really push our famous black cab goliath off the podium?

This question can only be answered by discussing what the black cab represents. For many, the London black cab is as much a famous symbol as Big Ben is and Westminster Abbey. So what would be wanted more, an icon or a much more comfortable ride?

For the regular taxi traveller, the Nissan NV200 would be an obvious choice. However, I say this with slight unease, we rely on tourism a lot more than some dare to admit. Especially during particular times like the Olympics which i’m sure was an arguing point for the 2012 Appeal Committee fronted by David Beckham. David Beckham is much like the London taxi, an icon, a representative of tradition and success throughout the years. However, no longer in the lime-light of sporting success and too is as threat to younger and better stars.

Overall, in London we have a truly famous ensemble of iconic landmarks, but it would be a real shame to lose the traditional black cab.


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