Christian Bale visits cinema shooting victims and memorial

The new Batman film will unfortunately be forever associated with the psychotic-raged shooting that took place in an American cinema. 13 were confirmed dead as the gunman, dressed like Bane (Batman’s villain), unleashed a hailstorm of bullets on un-suspecting film-goers. Those in the crowd ducked and dived and protected those they love with sacrifice in a heroic manner. Tales of boyfriends shielding their loved ones with their own body have tear-jerkingly emerged into the press today. A young man on a first date shielded his fancied friend and sadly paid the highest price. Many paid the highest price for the rampage of one mans sickened thoughts and now district attorneys juggle over whether the death penalty is justified.

In an act of respect, Batman actor Christian Bale visited the make-shift graves of those who were killed by the Bane wannabe. Flowers were laid on the memorial for those who died and group prayers spoken as Bale silently wandered, looking an ensemble of emotions. The Batman actor had also previously visited those who were critically injured in the shooting at their hospital locations.


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