Citroen DS3 – Set for canvas

The citroen DS3 has been a fairly landmark car for Citroen in terms of how it has entered the market and is now to have an even more dramatic facelift.

The super compact and stylish car fashions a futuristic exterior that puts the likes of Peugeot and Mini to shame. Its over-sized alloys with complex designs boast the best of ambitions from its creator as it was obviously meant to be a game changer. From the offset, yes it has been a game changer and has delivered a contemporary package of  performance and design excellence straight to the door of the consumer.

According to online sources the Citroen DS3 has been spotted with a canvas convertible roof on. Unlike many small city cars, the DS3 is a style icon of its time and is more or less free to change any design aspect it may wish without question. It stands above the rest of its market at present and is way ahead of its time with regards to looks.

Overall, we welcome the transformation to a canvas convertible and look forward to any future changes to the car.


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