Shoveling whilst it’s still snowing…

As polar bears hunting grounds retract into pools of cold water, global warming continues to make its effect on our lovely greenish planet. However, recent changes in particular industries are set to be the way forward for environment protection. But is it too late?

In 1998 scientists announced that they found 16% of the oceans coral to be bleached or dead. Bleaching is a process whereby the algae that the coral rely on leave due to an increase in water temperature. By the algae leaving the coral, it looses its colour and appears bleached. Due to the rising temperature of our atmosphere, ice caps are melting and seawater is heating up and having devastating effects on eco-systems; some of which humans rely upon.

Recently, there has been much more focus upon using renewable energy sources as the effects of global warming become much more blatant. Renewable energy sources such as electric cars.

BMW have unveiled their i3 2012 edition in an attempt to corner the hybrid market. This super futuristic blend of plastic and electricity is a technical 8th wonder of the world. A truly inspiring combination of gun-metal grey and electric blue colours that make the car look like its come off a film set. But, is all this effort and expense in vain? Is it for a lost cause?

Personally I know, with influence through the reading that I have done today, that we cannot reverse any of the effects that have occurred. We are simply in a stage called ‘shoveling whilst it’s snowing’. A proverbial term used to describe someone’s efforts to remove something whilst it is still coming in. Or often used to describe someone’s efforts that are having little effect. In this case I mean the first meaning, as in we are trying to combat global warming whilst others make it worse. For hybrid cars and renewable energy sources to work there needs to be a global agreement. Larger than the Kyoto Protocol and stricter enforcing by UN. Why UN? The purpose of the UN is to police international peace and assist in any global efforts to resurrect or fight for human rights. Therefore they ought to assist in the global efforts for clean air and peace between humans and our atmosphere.

To conclude, we can but fight against instead of with and we are not doomed, just yet.


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