McClaren MP4-12C

McLaren are the thorough bred pedigree of the sports car world and continue parading their design ability amongst the other competitors with the MP4-12C. McLaren and Ferrari are the Batman and Robin of our world, saving us from dull design features and monotone engine roars. But who is Batman and who is Robin?

In my mind, McLaren is the confident and calculated partition of the dynamic duo whose skills have been honed as of multiple years in practice and formulation. Alternatively, the Ferrari is Robin, the impulsive partner that thrashes stored anger anywhere and rushes into situations and thinks later.

But behold, McLaren have combined Batman and Robin characteristics to create the MP4-12C, a 3.8-litre V8 fusion of raw power, confidence and accuracy that eats tarmac for breakfast.

Packed to the brim with carbon fibre, this super-powered hero weighs only 1,400kg, which is the same weight as a giraffe (true) and is capable of reaching 200mph +.

The MP4-12C is the personification of speed, encased in the shell of a beautiful yet fierce creature that’s roar is not just intimidating, but goose bump provoking. For those that wanted to drive a road car with a Formula 1 style steering wheel, the MP4-12C is perfect for you. Yours for £168,500, this stylish and desirable vehicle will not only test the strength of the hairs on your neck, but your driving ability.


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