10 Annoying things in today’s world;

1. People who try to use big and clever words in the wrong context, or completely different meaning meant.

2.People who instead of going to find the person they want to talk to, shout the person they want to talk to, to come to them.

3.When I find myself being too generous and become willing to sacrifice what I have so that people can experience it.

4.Rude people. E.g not asking how people are once they’ve answered how they are.

5. Spiders are just annoying. Bee’s are the majestic face of the insect kingdom as they rarely cause any harm unprovoked. Whereas spiders, they are the armpit of the insect family and serve no purpose to my life. I suppose a spider could say that about me as I don’t contribute towards their well-being.

6.Famous businessmen who present themselves as a modest and down-to earth person, but convince themselves that they have a special/rare personality trait.

7.Businessmen who write the formula for success in autobiographies. Success cannot be formulated. ‘The difference between try and triumph is a little umph’. Success is a combination of; timing, character, determination, idea’s, support and luck etc.

8.Being called weird if you like music from a completely different generation/decade.

9.People who don’t try to appreciate things. Music, views, some cultures and most importantly amount of effort spent.

10.People who get annoyed about various things, but struggle to think of 10. Yes i’ve annoyed myself!


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