Samsung v Apple or Apple v Samsung whichever way round you’d prefer it…

For those who enjoy progress, who are glad that electricity was invented and that penicillin ever existed, you should have an opinion on the current Apple v Samsung battle. Apple have created a brand identity that is the most iconic that has ever existed in business. Identifiable by one simple bitten apple. They are the current pioneers of technology and have dominated the touch-screen race for years now.

As expected, the competitors that have lived off the left-overs of Apple’s feeding frenzy are making a stand. One brave organisation stands alone in the fight for progress. Samsung, the recently quiet creator of high definition televisions and the once adored maker of mobile phones stands up for itself and declares it is sick of being bullied by the oval fruit alpha dog.

I believe that with regards to technology, there should not be such negativity towards one company making something that ‘uses’ the same technology. We are all using engines but did  Nikolaus Otto copyright his design’s? Well, no because patents and copyrights were not invented in 1862 but my point still stands. We would not have global competition if it wasn’t for companies sharing technology. If the world revolved around the protection of intellectual property, one country would have all the MRI scanners, all of the TV’S and most importantly all of the games consoles. We are all inhabitants of the same surface and being selfish only makes us outdated as a race. Apple, stop being selfish and allow Samsung to play and play nicely!


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