Weekend Summary

Since it has felt like 3 months since I last posted I shall do a short summary of what has been going on in the world.

Andy Murray V World No.1 Roger Federer

Andy Murray won his semi-finals match against America’s Tsonga and flew to the final’s, where he would meet the most famous ball-smasher of our generation. Murray began with real gusto and appeared keen to defeat the doubts of the many. With the crowd fired up he won the first set, but in true British style went on to lose the next 2 sets, ultimately backing down from the challenge and making silly mistakes. Federer, the gentleman that he is certainly showed plenty of respect to Murray whilst grasping his 7th experience of the Wimbledon cup trophy. Appreciating the struggle and determination that Murray had shown, until the final…

For those who enjoy drama’s, Murray’s runner-up speech was certainly a potential nominee for a BAFTA. He tried to cling onto his ‘brave’ voice whilst paying verbal homage to his smug opponent. Murray soon burst into tears and rallied the crowd in his favour with his emotional appearance. I believe that Federer, although he was the winner, was unfairly pushed into the background whilst the worlds media captured and filmed the whimpering Wimbledon wuss. Attention, that should have deservedly being focused upon Federer who had no choice but to grasp his shiny cup and smile.

Silverstone Grand Prix

Although I am not the biggest motor-sport fan on earth, I can certainly appreciate the skills required to drive the near-rocket like vehicles. Saturday 7th July was the qualifying day in which the weather was to be the master of the days fate. As sod’s law might have predicted, it did rain, torrential amounts. However, this did not crush the spirits of the keen fans as they cheered through clouds of water and from underneath umbrellas.

After the qualifying stage had finished the crowd’s returned to their tents and hotels to eagerly await the ‘real event’. Sunday 8th of July; crowd’s began to reappear in their masses to watch the ear-drum numbing machines scream their way around the UK’s most famous race track. The winner of the event was Mark Webber (AUS) with a final result of 52 laps and +0m 0.30s faster than Spain’s Fernando Alonso.

A good weekend for Spain, not for Britain…


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