GoCompare advert – Clever Marketing

Today I witnessed one of the most clever marketing campaigns that I have seen in a long while. The infamously hated GoCompare man has been bombarding our screens with frantically annoying singing that is so catchy, we ‘hummed’ the tune at first. As time went on we became too familiar with the tune, characters and its general concept. As time continued to go on even further and GoCompare continued playing the massively outdated advert, we began to feel anger and pure hostility towards the at-large opera singer. In the future, the GoCompare man will be a household name as only our generation and present generations will be able to laugh at the violence that was verbally thrown at the TV during any of his appearances.

However! GoCompare have capitalised upon the anger that is generated when his curly whiskers appear on our HD screens. Their latest adverts are rewarding to the viewers that have been able to watch just 2 seconds into the new adverts. The GoCompare man is shot with a rocket launcher as he sings to a startled couple who are certainly not enjoying his antics. This brings feelings of happiness and relief to the consumer and therefore they associate this overwhelming feeling with GoCompare, well I did anyway. Overall, a cleverly timed advertisement which has TV audiences smiling and sliding back into their seats, full to the brim with relief.


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