Richard Branson – down 100%

For those in the world that have created media empires worth billions, you may be convinced that you have the key to success and have formulated it into a book. A book that contains tips with do’s and dont’s. However, I regret to inform you that you are not as good as you may think  you  are. Yes to be succesful you need to have particular characteristics and ethics, but success is 70% timing, 5% luck and 25% personality.

70% timing? Yep, timing is something that people are reluctant to praise for being the reason why they are so succesful. Consider this, today’s conglomerates like Lord Sugar and Mr Branson began their enterprises at the dawn of the media age. At the time when TV’s were to become a staple ingredient in households and radio was to be considered as caveman entertainment and only a drive-time occupier. Lord Sugar in particular, certainly filled the quota of having that special 25% personality as his sharp brain began to culminate, plot and devise methods of how he could sow and reap seeds in the up and coming technology market. With the formation of AMSTRAD (AMS – Alan Micheal Sugar), he began manufacturing the first of their kind computers and televisions alike. The money must have been flooding in as families began to compete to have the most modern technology, a focal point particularly for bragging husbands. Over the fence to the neighbour, slyly sliding PC’s and VHS recorders into conversations about gardening. “Grass is looking green Paul”. “Ye, I got a new lawnmower (cough VHS) at the weekend”.

Back to the futile reason why I began this rather moronic rant. Today I had a few spare minutes, in which I indulged in my 10 minute reading spree to spark influence. I came across Richard Branson’s 1st page of his new book ‘Like a Virgin’. Which I personally thought was a terrible name for a book. In my estimation, Mr Branson was a man of great degree, he was the personification of brains and innate business acumen. However, upon reading his ‘5 things to make your business succesful’ section his shares on the alexanderfeather 100 were down multiple index points. In the stock exchange of my mind he is now in liquidation, begging people to buy his assets which in the commerce of my mind are no longer worth a penny. Richard, I thought you were different? You were my idol and now I am just an upset and idol-less 19-year-old. I warn those, it is not nice when idol’s are regarded in overestimation and that rage-worthy moment where you realise they are not different is not great.

However, I begin my search for a new idol. Possibly Piers Morgan? No he loves Twitter too much. Any suggestions?



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