I need help and advice!!!

Since the last year of working for big companies and experiencing all different types of management styles, I have really wanted to start my own business. As a little project, something to ‘train’ me for when I really want to do it and do it well.

I have my product, well technically it’s a service that produces a tangible product. I have researched my start-up costs (£20 e-commerce hosting fee). Example of existing websites that have used the e-commerce host look amazing and exactly what I need. But I have had rather mixed responses as to whether there is a market for my product. I know to win the lottery you have to buy a ticket and in this situation the cost of a ticket isn’t massive. It’s just whether it’s worth my time. I’m the typical person who either throws 100% of my being into something or 0%.

I personally think that there is a market for my product due to unemployment rates (hint at what my product might be) and this is the time to be capitalising in on the gap. Pricing strategies and marketing come later and I feel more than confident to be dealing with those. Any advice?


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