Amidst a storm

For no more than a couple of days, we northerner’s of England have been warned of a storm-a-brewing. According to the news, an entire months worth of rain is to fall in the duration of 48 hours. This is not good news for those that live in the likes of Newcastle,as they have already experience severe flooding and suffered watching household possessions floating down stream.

Half way through the first gulp of my favourite beverage (7up) after a hard day at work, the thunder began it’s deafening punches on our atmosphere. Slamming it’s lightning bolts like the crack of a whip, all homeowners were immediately summoned to their windows hoping to catch a brief glimpse of the flashing static. The rain shortly followed as it flew into my line or sight, like the matrix coding in rain form. Bouncing off the ground, bouncing higher than the rain usually dares to…

I relish rain storms as I can sit in my conservatory and listen to the irregular beat the rain drums on my roof. My usually fearless dog is barking the lightning away, protecting us from what is in his case the unknown… I must go, there are windows open.


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