Music Taste

One thing that has to be said, is that my musical palate is what some would describe as discerning and varied. One person even described it as eclectic, which at the time im not sure whether it was a compliment or insult.

When fronted with the question, “what music do you like?” I often stumble. Unable to define the multiple genres and the ensemble of famous characters that I try to relate to. (Note – the typical music my age group listen to is DJ reallyfastandrubbishbeats). BUT I do like dance music,only when im getting ready to go out and when im actually out funnily enough.

However, when alone and in my comatose state of relaxation, I prefer soft and involving music like ‘Sam & Dave – I’m Coming’, which really gets my feet moving. Here is a weird and wonderful list of the music I like when in particular moods-

  • Happy – Afroman, The Beastie Boys, Bill Whithers, Bob Marley and Earth, Wind & Fire
  • Chilled – Elbow, Bob Dylan, Faithless, The Four Tops, Howlin’ Wolf, Ini Kamoze (you know na na na na na na, here come the hotstepper…)
  • Elated – ACDC, Crookers, Avici, John Mayer, Martin Solveig and Peter Tosh

Theres just a little sample and I want to finish with the question – Can A-N-Y-O-N-E in the world really say they only like on genre of music? If not how would you describe your music taste?


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