The Way Life Goes

This is a typical and very much cliché expression of my personal understanding of how I believe life goes. When I say ‘goes’ I mean it in the literal sense that we have no control over how fast or slow life passes us by. Speed is the intangible axis on the line graph of life. Control is something that as humans need, we fear the unknown naturally as we don’t understand what it can or can not do. Nothing, or no one we meet can have any effect on the speed of life and this is the factor I believe we do have much control of. 

Direction is the first variable that we do control. Free-will is something that has been described since the dawn o’ time and is the reason why humans have accomplished so much since our beginning. We have the ability to make our own decisions and thus change the way we live life. From an early age children are taught the generic mind set that parents believe will tailor their child to be able to cope with many of lifes struggles and avoid those troubles actively. Depedant upon your background, you will have had a small family culture instilled in you and this will change the way you direct your life. Personally, I have always been taught the importance of personality and being a good person. Therefore I will innately direct my life in such a way that means I always have quality relationships around me. This has boded me well to date and has meant that I have always been supported by a heavy ensemble of characters (friends and family).


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