Hadron Collider

Scientists involved in the Hadron Collider based on the Swiss/French border are to hold a conference tomorrow (04/7/12). The conference is expected to provide substantial evidence that the Hadron Collider is well on its way to finding the elusive ‘God Particle’.

The Hadron collider weighs 38,000 tonnes and runs for 27km, being one of the most famous physics experiment as of late, competing with the atomic bomb. The machine ‘collides’ particles to create new leases of energy that were existent during the creation of our universe. By colliding the particles, scientists are then able to investigate further into the past as to how this energy then came to form our world.

So what is the God particle I hear ye cry?

The elusive God Particle. (Not what it actually looks like)

Different types of particles have different masses (weights) and some do not have any mass at all. The God particle gives mass to particles and thus explaining why its called God because it ‘creates’.

So ye, cool or what?


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