Specialised Covers – Tailored Insight

As of the 23rd April 2012, I was to be a temporary member of staff at Specialised Covers (Shipley). SC (Specialised Covers) are a high-end business that provide those with flash supercars the means to protect them. Tailored to the curves of the car, the covers come in a range of different functionalities. Ranging from those that offer one level of protection to covers that are the full shield to the elements.

The monday morning, before entering Specialised Covers, I anxiously prepared myself for what I presumed to be your everyday business with everyday staff (no offence intended). However, I was to receive quite a shock to the system. I found myself sat in the middle of this waiting area with floral wallpaper and a stylish metal statue of the female form made with bolts. This was the first inkling that I was in a place that took business seriously. This opinion stemmed from my brain making borish stereotypes that businesses that look after their appearence look after their staff equally.

Out of nowhere came a tall figure, a young looking man who extended his arm to which I shook quickly. I was led into another stylish room which this time had people in. I was introduced to the place where I would be spending 99.9% of my time to which I had no problem with as it looked very comfortable!

The ‘tall figure’ mentioned earlier was one of the people that stood out to me. Somebody who since that first day has had a considerably positive effect on my ethics. He who shall not be named (to avoid embarrasment) has in a sense become a informal idol to me. He was and presumably still is, someone who has made their life happen instead of coasting their way through and taking anything that comes. He has had an idea of what he wanted to do, he studied it, got a job doing it and is in my opinion damn good at it. This appeals to me, as I have been ‘training’ myself to be like this ever since a child. Someone who instead of waiting for things, goes and gets them through hardwork. He is someone who I personally owe a great big thankyou to, for instilling in me this self confidence and desire to not only succeed in life, but succeed whilst doing something that I enjoy.

Specialised Covers are at present, very busy and as a result there were plenty of exciting things for me to be doing with my time there. Plenty of people and opportunities to learn from. For example, a project that I took particular enjoyment over was going Leeds College of Art to choose a students artwork that is going to be featured on a car cover and sold on the website. It helped me to understand the process of how a project is managed and how results are used to both the participants and hosts advantage.

I have spent my time comfortably within the office, where I have learnt about the complexity of marketing, brand management and social media’s that are targetted. Not through being told how to do, but by doing it myself. I was given a great confidence in doing the work by my love for writing (as you might be able to tell by the level of babbling thats occured), which certainly helped me to find the work given interesting.

Overall, an experience is what you make of it and I have squeezed every iota of knowledge from the people within the office and have left with a full notepad and a full picture; of what it is to work within a company like Specialised Covers. A company that has such a unique product and a unique way of marketing it, which has resulted in myself feeling empowered with more of a unquenchable thirst for business than before.

P.s Thankyou to Adam + Andy


One thought on “Specialised Covers – Tailored Insight

  1. Legend. Glad you took so much away, always happy to help someone who wants to help themself! Looking forward to having you back. Now the big man has gone I need all the help I can get. See you soon hopefully.

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