My thought on Sport…

Having being brought up in a family that could not decide whether they liked sport, I had to extract the need for sport from others. Not to say that everyone in my family did not like sport, my ‘pops’ (Grandfather) referreed a number of FA Cup games and played tennis against Roger Taylor (see below).

My older brother has been the one consistent family member that does enjoy sport, supporting Liverpool FC from a very young age he has certainly been a force of sport in my life. I myself, from the age of 8 played rugby for Bradford & Bingley ‘Bees’ and thoroughly enjoyed it until it became tedious and mundane. This was not because I was complacent with how good I was, simply because I lost all interest. As of late, football has started to appeal to me in ways that sport never has before. I have created a conscious portfolio of players abilities and understand why choosing the correct team is essential. Out of spite, I somehow decided to support Everton FC (which I knew would rile my older brother) with no tie whatsoever to the place. Sport can be a force for good due to its ability to unite the most hostile of social groups. For example, during the Football World Cup cultures are united that would not be found anywhere near each other otherwise. Sometimes sport can be silly I believe, when players forget about the skill of the game and begin to convince themselves they would make good actors. In particular Chelsea’s Didier Drogba whom spent more time on the floor than a toddler during Chelsea v Barcelona’s first leg match. Some people enjoy football to a level that some cannot even comprehend as it takes over every quadrant of their life. They eat, sleep, talk, draw and regurgitate sport babble. Regardless of the fact that this is a massively cliche’ comment, sport stars are overpaid. Countries like Zimbabwe with 1000% inflation rates, making it impossible to buy a loaf of bread. All whilst football clubs pay £80m for one individual person. Is the value of entertainment for those that dont need to worry about the availability of food higher than the price of a life?


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