My favourite things

Having a list of items that are superior to you is part of being a human. Through years of each individual human being exposed to different external influences we have developed ‘our favourite things’. I have composed for you a concentrated list of things that really make me happy.

  1. Churros – ‘Spanish Doughnut’. Whilst on a ‘tasting session’ for the new menu at my place of part-time work I stumbled across the wonder that is a Churro. TIP – Mix with ice cream it is truly beguiling!

    Soft on the inside with a harder sugar exterior. A true delight!

    2. The number 7 – On a personal note the number 7 has great importance as it is the number of the month that I was born in (July). Being born in July means that I am a Leo by nature which I believe is a very accurate description of my typical personality traits. This is also why 7 is a lucky number to me. There are some other interesting facts that you might well want to know. There are seven wonders in the world, seven colours of the rainbow, 7 + or – 2 items is the basic short term capacity of humans memory. The most coincidental fact relating to the number 7 is that Felix Vasquez, a New Yorker, was born on 7/7/77 and was awarded a bronze medallion for saving a 3 week old baby. Coincidence huh?

    'Lucky Number'

3. Ascari A10 Sports car – This monstrous, sleek and ideal sports car has been the focus point of adoration for a while now. The ascari was designed with the help of an ex formula 1 designer Paul Brown and is the staple car to buy if you’re looking for ‘noise’. The roar from the Ascari’s engine is a truly goosebump provoking experience.

My favourite car in the world.

 4. Being creative – Having an innate creative flare is something that I would have loved to have been born with. Unfortunately not, I have had to work on my ability to create and design. Through years of being able to appreciate art, I have began to gather a standard understanding of what creative people are looking for. They are looking for something that appeals to themselves and looking for a way to portray their personality through a medium. Therefore, to be creative you need to know what appeals to you and know how you want things to look.

'Creativity creates allsorts'

5. A solid wallet – This has been a personal preference of mine ever since I was a child. My father always encouraged my brother and I to keep wallets and to use them as often as possible. This was possibly so we didn’t just keep money in our pockets and end up losing it. However, in later life I have come to appreciate why we (my brother and I) were so positively encouraged to keep wallets. A man’s wallet is his domain, where he keeps the toolkit of life. Business cards, peoples phone numbers that they can’t even remember who’s it is and last of all receipts. Receipts are the most important ingredient to a good hearty wallet as it acts as a reminder when the wallet is opened and almost screams ‘stop buying things!”

'a man's paradise'


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